Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Loneliness

spring loneliness -
it falls short of the surf
this stone I toss
              Suzuki Masajo

autumn loneliness -
like saffron, cardamon, turmeric,
it comes with many tastes
this pot I stir

Cherry Blossoms

in the shadow of the cherry blossom
complete strangers
there are none......

we meet at Sinai
in the brilliance of revelation
there are no strangers
neither in time, nor space.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Gabby, Gabriella,
Haifa by the sea,

We shared a common desk,
Gabby, Gabriella,
Her blond braids,
I'd never seen anyone more beautiful.

Where Were You

And they will ask, "Where were you
during the holocaust of the animals?"

And they will ask "Do you recall Sobibor
when 600 calves, goats, ducks bit through the

barbed wire fences and fled to the Polish woods
to join the Partisans?"

And they will ask "Where were you
Grandma, Nana, Aji, Safta?

And you will say, "Don't worry your pretty
little heads my sweet ones.  I was at my

barbecue roasting one of their cousins."