Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back in Boston

Back in Boston,
My Guru spoke, saying,
Forget about karma for a moment.

Build a shelter
To keep vermin out,
Nail mesh over windows
So mosquitoes won't get in.

Don't leave crusts lying around
To invite roaches,
Keep out bees with their sting,
Snakes with their venom,
Build a shelter within.

Like John Hancock, he signed
Large and bold, no need for
King George to squint.

Good to be back in Boston,
Good to be reminded once more
In no uncertain terms.

Upon the Occasion of our 13th Anniversary

How can you miss
With 13 years of bliss?
I'd climb the Alps Swiss
To give you a kiss.

Thanks for
Love, protection,
Virility, kindness,
Wisdom, understanding
And down right every day magic.


Dusky eve in September, intent on
journey home, my squirrel traverses top limbs -
Dare-devil, flying from branch to branch, leaves

atremble, but my squirrel never falls,
never even contemplates splattering
to the ground.