Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Dozen Summers

A dozen summers
have I loved you
and a dozen before that
and a dozen before that
and a dozen before that
way back to the summer
when I was a lass and you
were my sun and moon.

And things have not changed
but add now a sprinkle of stars
cinnamon of misty mornings
cayenne of anguish averted
curry of sage warnings,
tumeric of sultry nights.

Six of one, half dozen of another
would not describe the way I feel.
Give me a dozen more, a dozen
more and then a dozen more again.

*written August 25, 2009 -
five days before our twelfth anniversary

August Evening

Twang of cicadas,
tart apricot moon,
squirrel's screech,
back to school.

Children up and out,
twang of cicadas,
honeyed apricot moon,
squirrel's chuckle.

Glimpses of then and now.